Date and Time July 7, 2021 to August 25, 2021 Every Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM   …

Date and Time

  • July 7, 2021 to August 25, 2021
  • Every Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Course Description

The course is designed to help students generalize and practice reading and writing in three types of writing that are rarely exposed to everyday schoolwork (commentaries; critiques; Individual contemplations), and will greatly broaden the amount and scope of students' reading, absorb knowledge, write down an article, with a target in mind.  

Learning Objective

1. Expand the scope of academic knowledge 2. Enhance self-exploration and cognition, and explore how individuals resonate with society 3. Learn how to correctly use in-text evidence in academic papers 4. Learn how to make brain map notes of reading chapters and restore them to different types of academic writing 5. Enhance social awareness and enhance personal social responsibility and participation 6. Solve the problems of thinking rigidity and lack of transformation in academic writing 7. Be familiar with the writing and reading skills required in different academic writing styles  

Suitable age:


Who Should Choose this Course?

1. Meet the standards of Prerequisite courses: have taken Reading Level 3; Or omnipotent reading and writing Level 4; Or logical writing (LTAW) 2. Or have a certain degree of understanding and experience in academic writing, such as argumentative writing (sample writing can be included) 3. Experience with non-story, academically related reading chapters Note: Students not in the IB system can also improve their overall academic English proficiency through this course  

Course Curriculum

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