Current Timetable


1、Early Bird (before April 30)  $100 off

2、Referral Discount “1+1” $100 off for each

3、Bundle discount: AEP Stage  1&2 or two courses $300 off; SSAT two courses $300 off

4、1,2,3 cannot be applied at the same time


Policy A: Enrollment in Foundation+Advanced+Crash of ONE course, tuition fee $4,760, the 2nd course $2,995

Policy B: Enrollment in Foundation+Crash/course, tuition $2,100

Policy C: Enrollment in Advanced+Crash/course, tuition$3,85

Policy D: Tuition Per Course Level Foundation $1,260; Advanced $3,850; Crash $1,225

Refund Policy: ou can request for a refund after the 1st lesson of each level, $200 admin fee deduction will apply and the price will resume to the original price as in Policy D; there will not be balance or credit deposited.


Year 2024-25 AP Courses


CIPO Protected AEP Curriculum Summer

2024 Fall - 2025 Spring Full-Year Schedule

Enrollment Instruction:

1) find the course to enroll

2) if not sure about the suitable course, you may book zoom meeting with Kate via filling out the form below, or find the course description on this site and review the sample videos on our Youtube Channel 

3) Complete the payment via e-transfer to; other forms of payment can be communicated with Kate by adding her Wechat: Kateteacher or cell: 647-289-9467

4) Fill out the Registration Form below

5) Receive the confirmation of enrollment and payment

6) Receive the textbook and course information 5 business days prior to the first class