Focuses on highly controversial topics (similar to the ones in debates), learn how to research for relevant evidence, organize evidence collection, and compose academically strong, as well as logically competent essays.

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Course Description

This is another copyrighted, exclusive, practical course that combines critical thinking with academic writing. The objective is to train students to complete assignments in all subjects (not just English) independently and efficiently. This ability is crucial to students' academic achievement from grade 7 through college. The North American education system requires that homework in science classes be done in written reports from 7th grade onwards. After 9th grade, many subjects such as statistics, economics, psychology, and even physics and chemistry require students to present insights and analysis in academic reports, which is undoubtedly a great challenge for all students. Logical Thinking and Analytical Writing lays a solid foundation for students from grade 7 to grade 9, and gets ready to master the logical thinking and analytical writing necessary in high school and college academic writing.  

Learning Objectives

1. Critical thinking skills 2. Clear self-expression 3. Quote objective facts and data and apply in essay 4. Originality    

Who Should Choose this Course? 

Students who have taken R&W Level 4, or have systemically learned over the writing expectations and structures of persuasive essays; wish to deepen the overall spectrum, complexity and logical competence for both discussions and writings.  

Suitable For

  • Grade 7 ~ Grade 9

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