Focus on writing analytical essays, there will be detailed breakdowns over its expected writing structures, writing-related regulations, sets of expectations, as well as to practise sharpening relevant textual analysis skills. The skills and techniques learned in this course will be highly transferrable and relevant to boost up the grades for English-related writing tasks at schools.

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Course Description

Writing is a copyright protection course developed and written by Kate with her nearly 20 years of teaching experience. At the same time, Kate made the syllabus herself to help the children from grade 4 to grade 10 lay a solid foundation in reading and writing, improve their English scores in school, and prepare for the North American difficult standardized test. Writing is characterized by practicality and effectiveness, aiming at improving the key points of English learning in different grades and difficulties in students' learning, and helping students to strengthen their writing from the following aspects: implementing writing rules, correcting syntax mistakes, composing sentences with accurate word choice, and strengthening logical argument. Level 5 is a pathway to SAT preparation, focusing on analytical writing.  

Learning Objectives

  • Master the advanced English writing style in preparation for AP/IB/SAT ESSAY
  • Write analytical essays for social science and natural science articles

Who Should Choose this Course?

The overall level of difficulty for this class exceeds the logical writing (LTAW) course, it will suit students who wish to enhance their in-text analysis skills, and to apply them not only in English classes at schools, but also mount for writing competent essays for other social science related subjects.    

Suitable For

  • Grade 9 ~ Grade 12

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