The series of the courses aim to provide students with walkthroughs of selected books in 5 days, and will require students to finish reading the book before the start dates of the classes. The courses will offer lecturing and explanations over rhetorical uses, literary devices and many more; and will assign homework in formats of writings, and students are expected to take final tests to assess their takeaways at the end of the courses. The overall objective will be assisting students to arrive at an in-depth and profound understanding of the book, and these are the courses that are designed and formulated to be most similar to the regular English courses that they take at schools.

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Literature Reading and Writing 2.0

Kate Language has always committed to offer the best possible reading and learning experiences for our students, now with the brand new 2021 - 2022 booklist comes more diverse genres of books. The instructor will guide students of all grades to dive in deeper into academic literacy analysis, fully enhance the sight and comprehension of the world and themselves, as well as to significantly boost their overall English proficiencies in readings and writings.

Who Should Choose This Course?

  • Whoever wants to improve the language skills by reading and analyzing world masterpiece
  • Whoever wants to improve the GPA of Language Arts class in schoolwork
  • Whoever wants to dive in the world of literature

Suitable For

Grade 5 ~ Grade 6    

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