The course will lay out 6 major categories including in total 40 lists of grammatical principles, and the course contents are closely tied with applying grammar knowledge in intensive readings and writings; Homework will be assigned in formats of writing.

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Course Description 

This course is designed to improve students on syntax, diction, sentence flow, and paragraph cohesion. The ultimate goal of this course is to guide students to apply all grammatical rules in reading and writing effectively. This idea stems from the problem many people have experienced in grammar learning: despite that one knows all grammatical rules, he or she is still incapable of distinguishing the more important clause in a complex and compound sentence or composing a concise and accurate sentence independently.

Learning Objectives

  • Systematic coverage of the grammatical system;
  • Proficiency and accuracy of grammatical rules to help reading and writing;
  • Practice identifying and applying complex grammar in reading and writing

Who Should Choose this Course? 

  • Students who feel the needs, or have been advised by teachers to improve on overall grammatical understanding and application;
  • Often contain overly oral expressions in writings;
  • Struggle to comply with general grammatical principles properly;
  • Lack variations and dynamics of writing advanced pieces of works.

Suitable For

  • Grade 5 ~ Grade 7

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