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About Us

Kate Language is a top English training school registered in Canada

At Kate Language, we offer comprehensive educational programs and services to G3-12 students, specializing in standardized test preparation, English proficiency enhancement, and consultation for top-tier private school and North American university applications. Our training programs encompass a range of standardized tests, including SSAT, SAT, AP, GRE, GMAT, supported by a CIPO protected curriculum system AEP (Academic English Plan) for thorough training in reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. We tailor students’ entry points based on their initial assessment levels, guiding them until they achieve satisfactory examination results and complete advancement tasks. Over the years, Kate Language has earned a stellar reputation among students and parents for our commitment to academic excellence.

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Super High Score

Kate Language’s students have the highest standardized test scores in the province! 5% of students have reached the 99th percentile; about 20% of students have achieved the 95th percentile; about half of the students have scored the 90th percentile. On average, students’ SSAT score can improve 214 points per 40 hours’ class with Kate Language!

Original Textbook

All of our courses use internal original textbooks, based on the characteristics of students, the difficulties of knowledge, and key concepts of tests. Furthermore, teachers carefully design highly targeted homework to consolidate the knowledge points in the class.

New Courses Development

We develop a new course every two months to ensure the coverage of the curriculum system to meet different academic needs, covering competitions, standardized tests, English literacy, comprehensive ability, and so on. So far we have an average of 11 categories of courses per year, 4 quarterly camps, including overall 150 different courses.

Customized Academic Pathway

From G3 to G12, we provide a very comprehensive curriculum system to customize the most scientific and reasonable academic path according to different age stages and students’ learning ability, maximizing the potential of students!

Integration of Academics and Application

Our private school application service helps students apply for the most suitable private schools. We integrate academics and application as our students grow. There are more than 1,000 optional extracurricular activities. According to the children’s characteristics and strengths, we also customize a personalized extracurricular activity plan.

Exclusive Volunteer Project

Our exclusive volunteer project K-Project provides a platform for all children to do meaningful volunteer activities. According to the needs of the community and the changes in society, empathy will penetrate into society. Here, children from different school districts can get to know each other, understand, and cooperate to spread their social empathy.

Comprehensive Academic Support

We will accompany parents and children to grow up together and undertake all-around academic support functions for students. We understand the concerns of parents, are familiar with the key to education, and understand the current situation of students. We are the parents’ most trusted educational partner.

Top Students Networking Platform

All our students are academically outstanding, have clear goals, and come from families that value education. Therefore, it is easier to meet like-minded peers in Kate Language, who will become good partners for common development in the future and academic resources for joint advancement.


To optimize learning strategy, to spark academic breakthrough, to kindle inner strength.


Be the most reliable education teammate with parents and students.
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To optimize learning strategy, to spark academic
breakthrough, to kindle inner strength.


Be the most reliable education teammate with parents
and students.