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SSAT Plus B 伴学营(下)


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Date and Time 日期与时间

  • August 2, 2021 to August 27, 2021
  • Every Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
  • 7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM

Who Should Choose This Course? 


Wish to take SSAT tests; rather weak at vocabularies; do not know the effective methods or lack motivation to memorize vocabularies.


SSAT Course Series SSAT课程体系说明

Kate Language’s SSAT classes start with the most challenging part – vocabulary. Assigned with the SSAT vocabulary list and tested in every session, students can boost vocabulary to above 10,000, so they will be able to handle synonym and analogy questions in the test. The reading part focuses on students’ challenges such as slow reading speed and low accuracy rate in poems, proses, novels, and historical arguments, teachers will guide students with strategies of speed-reading passage, catching key words in questions, and differentiating options. Although writing is not counted in the SSAT total score, private schools’ admissions officers will evaluate it. These courses aim to cultivate students’ critical thinking and creativity via reshaping students’ writing structure and syntax expression. The Mathematics part helps students quickly review the commonly tested questions, avoid the trap answers, and target full marks.


Suitable For 适合年龄

  • Grade 5 ~ Grade 9
  • 5年级 ~ 9年级

SSAT FAQ 常见问题及回答

SSAT是美国、加拿大等国私立中学的非常重要的入学考试,即为美国和加拿大中学入学考试。由美国、加拿大等国私立学校自行选用。它创建于1957年,是由位于美国新泽西州普林斯顿市的中学入学考试委员会SSATB(Secondary School Admission Test Board)命题的考试。从SSAT开办至今,在全球已设有750多个考场,考前三周报名截止。SSAT考试通常是两个级别:Middle Level(低年级)和Upper Level(高年级)。根据级别的不同,分数也会有一些差异。MiddleLevel一般是针对5~7年级的在读学生;Upper Level一般是针对8~11年级的在读学生。

SSAT is a significant entrance test for private high schools in the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1957 by SSATB (Secondary School Admission Test Board) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Since the inception of the SSAT, there have been more than 750 test centres worldwide, and registration is closed three weeks before the test. The SSAT test usually has two levels: Middle Level and Upper Level. Middle Level is for students in grades 5 to 7; Upper Level is for students in grades 8 to 11.

SSAT主要是测量学生的数学、英文程度及理解力。测验分为数学(Quantitative)、语文(Verbal)、阅读 (Reading)、作文(Writing)四部分;并分为中年级middle level(目前就读5-7年级的考生)和高年级upper level(目前就读8-11年级的考生)两种检测,G5以下同学申请则学校不要求SSAT,只需参加学校内部面试即可,一些学校会有校内笔试。

SSAT mainly measures students’ mathematics, English proficiency, and comprehension. The test is divided into four parts: Mathematics (Quantitative), Language (Verbal), Reading (Reading), and Composition (Writing); it is divided into Middle-level and Upper-level. For students below G5, the school does not require SSAT. They only need to participate in the school’s assessment and interview.

​Middle-level scores for each subject are between 440 points and 710 points, with a full score of 2130 points and the minimum score is 1320 points. Upper-level scores for each subject are between 500 and 800 points, with a total score of 2400 points and a minimum score of 1500 points. Writing samples are not scored and sent directly to the school where the student chooses to apply. It is one of the crucial references for the school to select students.


The ideal time is to start 1 year in advance. The biggest challenge for most candidates is the vocabulary in the beginning of SSAT prep, so they need to start early to memorize advanced words, know the word family, and practice application in reading and writing. All of these are the focus of Kate Language SSAT Foundation course. Then students get into the SSAT Advanced course when they will learn test-taking strategies. Finally SSAT Crash course is to help students take a leap in the SSAT test, which is usually scheduled from October to November.

SSAT百分比其实就是该学生与近三年来全球所有同年龄同性别的其他考生相比处在哪个位置,百分比越高越是说明他/她的拔尖(1%-99%)。Upper level考生的成绩至少在2200分以上,各科percentile在85%以上申请多伦多顶级私校就基本达标。相应的Middle level成绩需要在1950+,各科85%以上,这才是各个私立高中录取一个学生的关键。

SSAT percentage is where the student is compared to all other candidates of the same age and sex in the world in the past three years. The higher the percentage, the more outstanding (1%-99%).

多伦多的众多私立学校都是接受留学生身份申请的,唯独University of Toronto School只接受公民或永居身份的学生。而绝大多数的顶级私校要求9年级及以上申请者必须参加SSAT测试,只有Appleby School对每年10月31日前完成申请的母语为英语的本地学生不要求该项成绩。所以,要想就读多伦多私立中学就必须参加SSAT考试,并且只有顺利通过考试,才能进入著名私立中学就读,为日后进入美国著名大学迈出坚实的第一步。

​全球有约300所私立中学要求入学申请的学生一定要有SSAT成绩,另外还有300多所学校会优先考虑提供SSAT成绩的申请人。对于国际学生来说,SSAT成绩更为重要,尤其是申请寄宿的话,学校会根据申请学生的SSAT成绩来判断学生的英语水平。多伦多top 10私校对SSAT成绩要求大家可以到“多伦多凯特Education”公众号文章上查询。另外,学习SSAT可以帮助学生提早适应北美的教育和考试体系,它可以帮助学生提高英语水平,适应教育和考试模式,为今后获取SAT高分,进入美国一流名校打下坚实的基础。

Many private schools in Toronto accept international students’ applications, but the University of Toronto School only accepts students with citizenship or permanent residency status. The vast majority of top private schools require applicants to take the SSAT test for Grade 9+ entrance,  only Appleby School does not require this score for native English-speaking students who complete the application before October 31 each year. Therefore, if you want to study in a private high school in Toronto, you must take the SSAT test. If you successfully pass the test, you’ve won the first step of entering a renowned American university.

Approximately 300 private high schools worldwide require that students applying for admission must have SSAT scores, and more than 300 schools will prioritize applicants who provide SSAT scores. SSAT scores are more important especially when applying for the boarding option, as the school will judge the students’ English proficiency based on their SSAT scores. Also, learning SSAT can help students adapt to the North American education and test system early. It can help students improve their English proficiency, adapt to education and test modes, and lay a solid foundation for obtaining high SAT scores in the future and entering first-class American schools.



Since 2010, when applying for the SSAT, students can send their scores to the school. Parents need to pay attention to the fact that the school will see that you have taken the SSAT several times this year and quickly know the weighted score and percentage each time. If you have taken multiple exams in the current test year (August-July of the following year), your official transcript will indicate that you have taken numerous exam results.

If the school accepting the scores is interested, they can verify your scores on other exams during the year. You don’t have to send other official transcripts (including essays) to the school, but these schools can view the weighted scores and percentages for horizontal comparison or verification. Many schools indicate that they are interested in the student’s highest score in several exams. They assume that if an applicant has taken the exam multiple times but only sends one transcript to the school, this score is the highest. The scores of several tests will not be combined or averaged, and each student’s SSAT scores are independent and integral. Tests not taken will not be reported to the school.

SSAT考试中,虽然写作不计分,但有三点家长和考生一定要注意:1. 每位考生的写作卷子会被直接投送到指定的私校手上,让私校老师自行评估写作水平。2.写作水平在招生官看来非常重要,几乎所有私校在校园面试申请人时仍旧安排写作考试。3.在申请人正式投递申请资料时,如果申请文书中的写作水平与私校手中申请人的写作内容不一致,那么会招来诚信危机。



In the SSAT test, although writing is not scored, there are three points that parents and candidates must pay attention to

  1. Each candidate’s writing paper will be directly sent to the designated private school so that the private school Admission Officer can evaluate the writing level by himself/herself.
  2. The writing is significant to admissions officers, and most private schools arrange writing exams when interviewing applicants on campus.
  3. When the applicant officially submits the application materials, if the writing level in the application document is inconsistent with the applicant’s writing content in the private school assessment, it will create a integrity crisis.

After clarifying the importance of the writing part, let’s see how many words should be written in this composition? The SSAT writing test requires candidates to write a narrative or argumentative essay within 25 minutes, but there is no official word count requirement. Too few words appear to lack content, and too many words are easy to make mistakes. What should we do?

Although there is no official answer from the article’s structure and language, we suggest that candidates control words count 300-400. Below 300, the narrative details are likely to be empty and the storyline development is lacking; the argumentation is reflected in the lack of persuasive arguments or logical coherence between sentences. In terms of structure, teacher Kate suggested that candidates write a structure of 3 paragraphs (narrative) and 5 paragraphs (argument essay). You can form your style and writing habits through practice, and you can complete the idea and creation within the limited 25 minutes. Students should develop the habit of writing an essay a day so that not only can they practice academic writing and record their life perceptions, but they can also think quickly and logically during exams.