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SAT + ACT Dual Preparation (Math + Science) 双备考(数学+科学)


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Date and Time 日期与时间

  • August 2, 2021 to August 27, 2021
  • Every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
  • 4:45 PM ~ 6:45 PM

Who Should Choose this Course? 


aim to score full marks in Math; Need to reinforce conceptual understandings; Haven’t learned G12 Math content; Wish to systemically learn and summarize Math’s knowledge point in SAT; The course will cover 2 sessions of science. The student can choose to register for Math section (6 sessions) only if wish to take SAT; Register for both Math+Science (12 sessions) if wish to take ACT or both SAT + ACT.


Why This Course?为什么开这门课?

Students who will apply to top American or British universities in recent couple of years can still submit SAT or ACT scores as an application plus, and this is nearly an unspoken rule for asian applicants. The problem is SAT has been constantly canceled by nearly all test centres in Canada due to COVID pandemic since 2020 March, so the ACT computer-based test turns into a flexible alternative. From a teacher’s perspective to design a course, SAT and ACT co-prep course is also feasible as their Language and Reading sections are 100% the same that students will not waste time on learning either one regardless of the preferable test they will take. The difference lies in the fact that ACT is more time-restrained but the questions are easier, and also students need to prepare for the science section in ACT. Thus the SAT/ACT co-prep course seperate English with Science parts to customize students’ needs of learning.

对于近1-2年需要申请美本的学生来说,SAT或 ACT仍旧是一个加分项,尤其是对于成绩普遍较高的亚裔学生。但SAT目前并没有机考形式可选,这导致自2020年3月疫情爆发以来在加拿大地区95%的考场选择关闭考场,取消SAT考试。这样ACT成为一个更灵活选择。这是凯特教育设置SAT/ACT双备考班的动因,同时双备考班也是可行的:因为SAT/ACT在英文部分阅读,文法的文章和题型100%一样,区别是ACT相对难度较小一点但要求学生做题速度更快。理科部分SAT只含数学,而ACT包括数学和科学,因此SAT/ACT双备考班把英文和理科分开开班,满足不同学生需求。

SAT Course Series 课程体系介绍


Kate Language’s SAT course is based on the Official Guide from the College Board, guiding students to practice on Khan Academy tests and tests from past years. Students will focus on logical reading skills, language & writing rules, and Math. The course is designed with three stages: Foundation, Advanced, and Crash levels. Foundation level covers language skills like reading structure, reading for thesis statement, scanning for evidence, syntax, diction, and cohesion. When students are equipped with solid skills, they are ready to learn test-taking skills based on linguistics and assessment science in Advanced level. For those high achievers who aim at 1550+, Crash level is suitable to sharpen their skills to tackle weakness.

Suitabl For 适合年龄

  • Grade 9 ~ Grade 12
  • 9年级 ~ 12年级

SAT FAQ 考试常见问题及回答




Language Skills

Although the SAT is not a language test, its basic assumption is that all candidates have reached American students’ language level in grades 10-11.

SAT requires candidates to read articles of all genres and subjects, understand the text in the logic and rhetoric, interpret the implied information and emotions, and master the writing structure. Therefore, it takes time and effort for candidates to improve on reading for evidence rather than for meaning, and it’s a holistic skill set students should acquire.


这其实是新SAT考试真正的核心。简单地说,这里又包含了两个维度的思维能力——深度和广度所谓思维深度,是指你对事物和问题的看法达到了怎样的程度,你思考问题的逻辑是否清楚,你是否能洞察到问题的本质。而思维广度,则是你所涉猎的知识面有多宽,对于各种生活中遇到的话题,学术研究中涉及的问题是否有了解,是否能提出自己独到的见解。这两个维度所构成的思维能力,其实也就是我们经常说到的“批判性思维(Critical Thinking)”能力,该能力在阅读和写作中重点考察。

Critical Thinking Skills

SAT is challenging mainly because it requires two skills in thinking: depth and breadth. Depth means students should conduct in-depth analysis of each sentence, paragraph, and passage, as SAT questions are barely about the literal meaning in text, but about the analytical or inferential information. Meanwhile students should have experience of reading and writing in breadth, a variety of genres, to comprehend precisely.


在过去很多同学的学习和备考过程中,很多人(不论老师还是学生)都认为“刷真题”对于提高成绩有直接帮助,其实不然! 在我教过的十多万学生中,也有很多学生是在坚持“刷题”数十套,考试若干次后没有提高,才一脸疑惑地找到我的,他们往往非常沮丧,因为总觉得自己非常努力,却没有获得相应的回报。其实,如果你能理解“所有的考试都是在检测某些能力,而考试成绩和这些能力正相关”这个基本道理,就很容易理解“刷题不会提高成绩”的原因——“刷题”本身并没有改变你的这些能力,只是在机械重复你习惯性的思维错误而已。所以只刷题而不总结仅仅是在重复错误,错上加错。


Not necessarily. Practicing on tests will be helpful only when candidates have found their weakness and known the right method to improve, otherwise they simply repeat the same mistake even though the reading speed may be increased. Therefore, the key is to know how SAT questions are designed, learn the hidden language related rules, get instructed with the test-taking strategies, and then practice on tests.





SAT:通常情况下,SAT考试内容为批判性阅读(Critical Reading)、数学(Mathematics)和写作(Writing)三个科目。




SSAT:低级阶段满分为2130; 而高级阶段满分是2400



SSAT有专门词汇部分考察同义词和类比词,但SAT没有专门词汇板块。SSAT很多单词其实与SAT阅读文章词汇量相当,没有一定得词汇积累想读懂SAT的阅读文章是不可能的。甚至就算每个单词都认识想要做对题目也是很有难度的。另外SAT 和SSAT的阅读部分都有词汇题,该题往往不考单词本身常用意思,而是考察熟词僻义,这就需要考生对做题方法了如指掌。







SAT: The test that American high school students must take to enter American universities. In recent years, many American universities set it test-optional.

SSAT: American High School Entrance Examination for private high schools in the United States, Canada, and many other international top private schools.


SAT: The SAT consists of three sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Language & Writing.

SSAT: The test has four sections:  Verbal, Reading, Math, and Writing. The first three parts are scoring items. Although the writing part won’t be scored, it will be sent with a copy of the official SSAT score to the school students apply for, so it is equally important.

Score Settings

SAT: Full score: 1600

SSAT: The full score for the middle level is 2130, upper level 2400

Vocabulary Question

The SSAT has a separate Verbal section testing synonym and analogy, but the SAT doesn’t. In fact, many SAT candidates do not need to focus on vocabulary anymore if they have experience with SSAT, as the vocabulary required in SSAT is only 3000ish less than that in SAT. Also, there are vocabulary questions in the reading part of SAT and SSAT. This question often does not test the common meaning of the word itself, but examines the contextual meaning, which requires the examinee to know the strategy of doing the question very well.

Reading Passage

SSAT reading passages are usually short, but those on the SAT are about 3-5 times longer.  Both exams attach great importance to novels and historical and political essays.

Exam Time

SAT: The duration of the test is 3 hours 45 minutes (225 minutes).

SSAT: 155 minutes