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Writing Lv2

Students wish to regulate and foster proper writing habits; targeting 8 common types of writing tasks and styles for G5-7; aim to assist students to learn how to read and write in different genres with various sets of expectations.

214 Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary is the foundation of any language. Every sentence is composed of powerful vocabularies. These sentences form paragraphs, which in turn form articles to express a solid argument. Some of the words we learn will never be forgotten, but some of them will never be remembered after being relearned countless times. The reason is that there are some words except in the dictionary, you will never meet them again at any time, not familiar with them will never remember. 214 Vocabulary Lists is specially designed to tackle these lexical vocabulary-learning difficulties.

SSAT Upper Level – Quantitative

Each session offered will be supplemented with pragmatic practices and specific knowledge point breakdown, instead of merely going through sets of practices. 绝非纯刷题,每次课会有大量老师lecture讲解知识点,结合练习,更多练习会以作业形式展现。

IB – Middle Year Programme Language and Literature

Date and Time July 7, 2021 to August 25, 2021 Every Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM   …

Public Speaking Lv2


Public Speaking Lv1

Date: TBA
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